A new way to read an old book -Pinocchio

The next book in the GrokReader format is underway, this time in Italian.  I went back and read the English translation, and was surprised by 1. how long it was, and 2. how dark, long, and complicated of a story it is.  Disney took just a few parts from the full story, but there is a lot of surreal stuff going on in this book.  

The GrokReader format contains the original Italian version of the story, as well as the English translation, in alternating hyperlinked chapters.  

I picked Pinocchio mostly because my father is trying to learn Italian, so this will give him a way to make it through the Italian original, while having the English version to fall back on.  He is not very tech savy, but he does like to read books on his iPhone.

The book will be out by December, so let me know what book should be next in the series.

Posted on November 1, 2015 .