Dual Language Interactive Alternating Chapter books offer a new way to read and learn a foreign language.  The patent pending (GrokReader) interwoven and overlapping book format compels you to read the complete chapter in the original foreign language.  When you make it to the end of each chapter, there is a link to re-read the chapter in English to help you understand what you read, or a link to jump to the next chapter in English or Original Language.   For a Spanish English book, you choose whether to read the Spanish language chapter first, covering new territory, or take the easier route and read it in English first, followed by the same chapter in Spanish.  No matter which path you take, you will come out having read a classic book in its original language, improving your Spanish (or English) chapter by chapter.


As you improve, you can choose to Grok Read more chapters in the foreign language first, which studies show is a key way to "strain the brain", forcing you out of your comfort-zone, and facilitating improved retention of vocabulary and meaning.

Good luck, Bonne Chance, and Vale!